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Nelligan Insulation, Inc. is a locally owned Lynchburg, VA based company established in 1998 that is managed by a team of dedicated professionals who provide insulation services to General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Homeowners, Architects, and Building Officials.

General Contractors use our services for constructing thermal envelopes in residential and commercial construction.  Guided by the latest building science available, we install the most appropriate types of insulation and air barrier materials to best meet the needs and budgets of each project.  We also provide waterproofing for new residential construction.

We insulate ducts, install pipe insulation, and provide firestop services for the Mechanical Industry.

Homeowners take advantage of our Retrofit Division.  We are BPI certified to perform energy audits on homes.  With infrared technology and blower door testing we can identify areas where energy and money are being lost.

In addition, we make our experience available to design professionals and code officials throughout our service area.

Nelligan Insulation is dedicated to meeting timely schedules while offering value at the best possible price without reducing the level of quality expected by our customers.
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